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A online platform that automatically crunches, probes and breaks apart your data in every possible way it dynamically decides to, to search for events of interest and more particularly, recurring events. The platform will (hopefully) enable you to turn the invisible things hidden amongst your data, visible. Specifically aimed towards time-series analysis - however not only limited to those type of data. If time permits will also include image processing, statistics, curve-fitting... etc.

Data Visualization

<p>Mael Flament, Martin Dehn, Daniil Ponomarenko, Jonas Ghini, Diego Be</p>

Skills Being Sought: 

Any programming language or design skills.

Weekend Goals: 

<p>Build the platform and get it fully functional on simple datasets.</p>

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I've started to generate different sample data to test functions. One random, generating clean sine now, will also make a random but recurring function, also a recurring spike, and noisy sine, plus Gauss and noisy Gauss. After a while, look into actual data, like weather and SETI-stuff?


<p>List of what I acheived so far:</p>

<p>- basic webpage up and running</p>

<p>- file recognition working</p>

<p>- basic diagram of process done<br />
<br />
Now working on PHP scripts</p>

<p>Everyone else started. Tasks posted on wall.<br />
<br />
Team of 7/8.</p>

Half the team gone to sleep - the other half here. Images/Sound are finished. Php & web finished.

Now comes the real data analysis. Jeroen did his part - awesome results.

Everything on track!

Massive data reduction methods almost implemented. Decision tree established. Web interface "done".Working on text and educational purposes while waiting for the new toolboxes.

All on track. Full backend (plotinng & decision tree) done. Now it's just a matter if we have the time to get it into the front end (web interface).

Language detection works for English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Also, font and color ow wordcloud is nice and soon proper output is generated.

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