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There have been lots of particle physics simulators visualized for the researching purpose. But most of them were developed for experts and they are not suitable for physics beginner. We start from that point: Why not making a simulator game more enjoyable, educational and physically well-verified at the same time? Angry Particle is motivated from Angry Birds to satisfy those needs. 

Playing rule is basically Shoot-and-hit : 

1. Shoot the chosen particle, and hit the target particle or whatever it needed to be.

2. Clear each stage with a given mission

There might be many ideas that develope the game in creative ways.


Beomki YEO

E- mail:

Skills Being Sought: 

We would like you to have any of the following :

- Imagination, Creativity and DESIRE to make a fabulous game

- Skills for Processing language or any other programming language for 2D graphics (C++, JAVA, Python etc.)

- Knowledge on colliding physics or nuclear reaction

- Skills for Web application development

Weekend Goals: 

1. We hope to develope the game where the Physics law is well-reflected such as energy, momentum conservation. 

2. We hope to post the game on the Web or execution file at least

3. Have fun with team during hardcore weekend

References and Background Material: 

2D physics engine library of Processing -

Angry Birds homepage -

Playing Angry Bird and getting some inspiration
Express your Interest to work on this Idea !!

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