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ArXiv is a popular repository for research papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology, statistics, and quantitative finance, which can be freely accessed online.

While it is a very useful resource to get an idea of current cutting edge science, it can be intimidating and overwhelming for newcomers to the field.

Especially for students early in their studies this can pose a serious barrier.

We intend to lower that barrier by providing a webpage where researchers together with the community can create simplified summaries of their papers. 

The summaries will be linked to the original arXiv page so that the full science content is not lost but rather made accessible more easily. 

Current ideas for the webpage include:

  • user login for personalized experience
  • form for users to add new papers
  • opportunity for the community to create author approved summaries
  • possibility for subscriptions (author based, topic based, ...)
  • easy and intuitive search function





Dominic Mills-Howell []

Phillip Hackstock []

David Wierichs []

Skills Being Sought: 
  • Familarity with the Django framework
  • Familarity with Javascript, AJAX
Weekend Goals: 
  • To build a working prototype 
References and Background Material: 
An interest in science communication
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