CERN Authentication App

CERN IDs are a pain. You always need to have yours with you, but only use it a few times a day. Every time you need it, you need to stop the car or get off your bike and fish it out of your pocket. What if you could authenticate yourself to CERN using your smartphone?

CERN IDs are vulnerable to a number of security attacks:

  • Letting multiple people in on the same card
  • Relay attacks
  • Printing fake cards (for the shuttles and main entrance)
  • Vulnerability to loss or theft

The CERN Authentication app would solve these problems by creating a one-time password attached to your identity that can be transmitted to the security guards and shuttle drivers through NFC or a QR code. On CERN's server, application that tracks who is inside CERN at any given time to prevent allowing multiple people in on one card. If a cell phone is lost or stolen, the device's access can be revoked and then reissued to a different device.


Liam Kirsh:

Skills Being Sought: 
  • Android/iOS development (Android preferred)
  • Security/authentication
  • Mobile app design
Weekend Goals: 

Finish the project, of course!

Stretch goal: video or slideshow demonstrating the app

Some programming experience.
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