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Open Source Programming: Git-Share/CommuniCode

Idea: To make a website where one can put up an idea or source code, and other people are permitted to change and add in the code. The new changes will be submitted in a Git branch.

Description: The website is for developing open source programs. The idea is that this website will be open for developing programs. So if someone has an idea or project which is open source, you can upload it on the website for further development. If the code is changed a lot, the changes made around the same time or with similar changes will cluster (see figure). This makes it easy to keep track of a larger program. The big branches could also detach from the master, but the branches should still contain the history.

The website should have a nice and easy to use interface. The idea is similar to GitHub, except you can change and add in other people’s code.

The projects on the website do not have to be scientific or serious, so it could be any kind of program. There is only one instant of any code. There are not multiple forked instances at multiple places, but only one master and more branches.

The users need to registrate on the website.  The community on the website will be able to rate a user, such that a user can get featured on the worldwide opensource leaderboard.

Anyone can contribute to the code; it doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional.


Freja Thoresen
off: 530-R-024

Skills Being Sought: 

Knowledge about Git, Programming skills would be useful, Contributing to the idea by brainstorming

Weekend Goals: 

To build as much of the website as we possibly can. Make a nice and useful interface for the website. The basics of the idea should be made, ie. the integration of Git in the website.

git, programming
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