Hands-on Git

One does not simply come to a Webfest and leaves without knowing Git and loving GitHub (if that's not the case already). Git is a version control system and it can keep track of changes in your code. GitHub keeps your code safe in the cloud and provides amazing collaboration tools. People use these tools in hackathons (and pretty much everywhere) because it makes their lives easier. They are also fun to use!


You should come if:

  • You haven't heard about Git. I'll introduce what it is, why you should be using it, and how to get started.
  • You get lost sometimes using Git. I'll guide you through an interactive Git tutorial that will help you refresh the basics.
  • You are a Git ninja. I use Git every day too and I keep learning new tricks. I'll share some of my favorite ones at the end.

Remember to bring your own laptop if you want to fiddle around.

Let's git gud or git rekt!

Alejandro Aviles
Main Building Room C
Time : 
Saturday 30th of July 11.00

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