Hitchhiker's guide to HEP Software Galaxy: Particle Physics Toolkit

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An easy to understand site which contains links to useful tools, softwares and techniques for data analysis. It will 

contain the advantages of each of the tools and what they are normally used for. The goal of the site is to make 

downloading, search for documentation and general techniques easier so that people can focus more on the physics/analysis.



Uzziel Perez  - uzzie.perez@cern.ch

Skills Being Sought: 

-Web Programming 

-Experience with the following: ROOT, SHERPA, GEANT4, MadGraph, Pythia...

-C++ and Python


-Visual Arts 

-Ideally, different experiments should be well-represented (CMS, ATLAS, LHCb, ALICE and more...) 


Weekend Goals: 

- Hyperlinks to the Downloads (for Windows, Mac, etc.) 

-Seamless presentation of the essential documentation for the different softwares

-Search Techniques 

-Programming Skills
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