Particle Trek

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This app is an educational game inspired by modern particle physics research at CERN (European Nuclear Research Organization) and Pokémon Go!


  • Augmented Reality based iOS app
  • Collect particles to earn points
  • Use your knowledge of physics to get to exotic particles, which will help you advance to higher levels
  • Get to learn more about elementary particles everytime you capture one

Megha Arora (Openlab Summer Student) -,

Rosy Gupta (Opeblab Summer Student) -

Sartaj Singh Baveja (Openlab Summer Student) - 

Mayank Sharma (Openlab Summer Student)

Skills Being Sought: 
  • unity3d
  • Enthusiasm to implement the idea and team player :)



Weekend Goals: 

Build a prototype of the application, which is fully functional within the CERN boundary.

References and Background Material: 
Experience with unity3d.
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