R Workshop

R is a FLOSS programming language used to perform statistical analysis. The software is cross-platform and can be used via its CLI or via a third-party GUI. While it isn’t the simplest software to learn, it is quite powerful and its capabilities can be enhanced through the thousands of packages available via the Comprehensive R Archive Network. In addition to scripts used to generate plots and display the results of complex calculations, R can also be used to make interactive HTML5 presentations that can be viewed in desktop and mobile form factors.

Before attending the workshop, make sure you have installed R on your laptops (bonus points if you also install RStudio). Instructions are available here along with a link to the lesson presentation: https://github.com/CERNStudyGroup/cernstudygroup.github.io/issues/45

Achintya Rao
Main Auditorium
Time : 
Friday 29th of July 15:00-16:00

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