Raspbuggy 3D simulator

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The Raspbuggy (http://cmcrobotics.github.io/raspbuggy/) is a Wifi-enabled programmable RC car running on top of a Raspberry Pi and a variety of hardware (thanks to Drivar, its Python hardware abstraction layer).

The Raspbuggy Platform is used to teach children and non-programmers about simple logic (loops, tests, variables) and be able to observe the result of the program for real.

 The Raspbuggy programming environment is based on Google Blockly, a drag and drop programming environment targetting complete programming beginners.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to preview a Raspbuggy program.


The idea is to implement a 3D WebGL simulator for Raspbuggy - a simple photo or floor plan can be used to materialize an environment (for instance, a maze) and the step by step debugging of the Raspbuggy program allows to see how the car would behave in that environment.


Brice Copy (brice.copy@cern.ch) - CERN Mobile 165682

Skills Being Sought: 



Python a plus

Weekend Goals: 

Implement a 3d simulator to support basic movement (move, turn, detect obstacle)

Javascript programming, Python
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