• Pitching Time in the Kick Off session : 3 minutes
  • Time to Present you ideas to the Judges : 5 + 2 minutes
  • Allowed to use paid Web Services : No !
  • Maximum Team Size : 10
  • Licensing of your Code : You own all the code you write for the Webfest. Though going by the Open Source Spirit we  encourage everyone to Open Source whatever they build in the Webfest using Open licenses like MIT(link is external)Apache(link is external),GPLv2, GPLv3(link is external) or Creative Commons(link is external), etc. But you should at least be comfortable in letting the judges/organizing team assess the whole of your code
  • Judging Criteria
    • Innovation
      How is the project new and different to what existed before?
      (1 = no innovation, 5 = very innovative)
    • Readiness 

      How ready is the project for use by the end of the weekend?
      (1 = no product, 5 = fully functional product)

    • Intuitiveness / usability 
      How intuitive and easy is the project to use?
      (1 = not intuitive/easy, 5 = fully intuitive+easy)
    • Relevance to CERN and particle physics, health or humanitarian 
      How does the project relate to CERN and particle physics, health or to a humanitarian goal?
      (1 = no relation, 5 = clearly related)
    • Encouraging the public to learn about science 

      Does the project encourage the public to learn more about science?
      (1 = limited encouragement, 5 = wide encouragement)

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