Stefanos Laskaridis

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Communication & Documentation

Hi! My name is Stefanos and I am a Computer Science undergraduate from Greece. Currently, I am working in IT-ST-TAB (aka the Tape Archive & Backup Section of the Storage group of CERN's IT department). Here, I am a software engineer in CASTOR, a hierarchical storage system used to save many PB of experiment data.

After 8 months at CERN and 2 years as a developer and sysadmin in a GRID datacenter, my skills revolve around C/C++, Ruby, Python, Java and Linux. I am experienced in Web and Distributed Applications development and keen on Big Data analytics and Machine Learning.

Last, I would identify myself as an open-source advocate and a coffee addict who loves the hackathons' spirit and wants to change the world.

See you soon in CERN's Webfest 2016!

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