Universe Maker

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Game will start with a particle just after Big Bang. You will try to create new materials while interacting with environment. There will be enemy particles(antimatter) that may destroy you while friendly ones may help you to on your way of creating your own universe!

Your particle will move with help of fields that are generated by you. Also it will interact with other external fields too. After certain conditions are satisfied extra features like having control of dark matter besides generating fields will be available. 

Game will be scored in terms of your mass and aim is to be as massive as you can achieve.


Baran Bodur             :   baran.bodur@cern.ch

Doğa Veske             :   doga.veske@cern.ch

Armağan Daşcürcü   :   armagan.dascurcu@cern.ch

Skills Being Sought: 

Any of them will be nice :)

Teamwork- Problem solving

Basic knowledge about particle physics or cosmology

Game development

Web design

Creativity - Enthusiasm

Weekend Goals: 

Have a working prototype for single players

References and Background Material: 


Processing js

Fisica library

Express your Interest to work on this Idea !!

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