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Cycling is a sport, transport and as well a mind relaxing activity, however in urban areas we are showered with traffic noise, interruptions (unintended stops) which turns it from a relaxing to a stressful activity. With time we learn to pick smoothest and most relaxing routes, but this process is frustrating. We are going to address this issue with cycling companion smartphone application which would collect and show noise, interruption heat map.

We would need to create noise, position collector smartphone applicaction (Android, Iphone) with which for testing purposes we will collect real data in CERN suite. The extraction of velocity, stopping times and creating database (text files for prototype) of these events are other issue which could be solved individually. In order for not waiting until we have enough data we will make a simulation of events from which we would try to extract given priory distributions (noise function on a map, stop regions). This analysis also should provide us with information on how much data we need, way of selecting events, how sensitive our analysis is to error of measurements. We are also going to work with issue of how to present heat map nicely and development of smartphone app for that (optional). All these parts will be programmed in a distributed manner in your programming language of choice. The prototype eventually will emerge when we would start to tie data together.


Janis Erdmanis - graphitewriter@gmail.com 

Skills Being Sought: 

- Applicaction development for Android, IPhone or Windows phone

- Some favourite programming language

- Some statistics for selecting events, estimating an error

- Artistic skills for represetning heat map on a real map

Weekend Goals: 

- build smartphone applicaction for event collection

- create analysis which would extract unintentional stops from the data. Test it with simulation.

- analysis which would analyse directional dependance in the stop (showing which turns in crosroads take most of the time)

- create smartphone applicaction which would show this analysis which will be merged in cllector applicaction.

- leadership (I am thinking about a trip on Saturday; I would be happy to pass realisation of this idea to a passionate person)

- Cycle wildly in CERN area for testing ;)

References and Background Material: 

I don't know of simmilar projects, but would be nice to have them here ;) 

- knowledge of some programming language - confidence of being able to contribute - a bit of passion
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