user-friendly design interface for new GeoTag-X modules

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GeoTag-X is a humanitarian project developed by UNITAR/UNOSAT as part of the Citizen Cyberlab project. Built on Pybossa, this open source project is designed for volunteers to assist humanitarian disaster responses. This idea is about creating a user interface for new modules.

At the moment, new modules are coded from scratch in JavaScript and HTML or adapted from existing code. As GeoTag-X grows and more modules for different projects are created, it will be easier if these new modules could be created using a drag-and-drop interface. Rather than developers coding each new module, eventually we hope NGOs with different needs will be able to directly create modules through a user-friendly design interface. 





Skills Being Sought: 
  • user interface design
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • graphic design
Weekend Goals: 
  • prototype user interface design for developing modules
  • new participants in the volunteer community
References and Background Material: 
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