Who you are? Analysing public LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

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Our profile and contacts on LinkedIn tell a lot about who we are, and what we are interested in. The same goes for our Twitter posts, who we follow etc. And certainly for our Facebook presence. It would be insightful to analyse one’s public profiles on these social networks. Let’s create a tool that can do that, and output a list of tags that represent the person’s interests, or visualise those tags as compared to another person’s tags. I hope my tags would be something like: software, web, security, mobile, sailing. What would be your tags??

Skills Being Sought: 

back-end software development (any language) + potentially some front-end (for results visualisation)

Weekend Goals: 

Given someone's Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile and/or Facebook profile, connect to APIs of that services, get public information about the person and the contacts, analyse them, look for preselected keywords/tags, and output the list of tags (possibly with weights) that represent interests and/or background of that person. And the visualise them, if possible with comparison to tags of another person.

coding (scripting)
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