Winners 2015

We would like to thank all of those who participated for making this year's Webfest a great event.

In total we received 25 pitches, over 50 participants and 11 projects that were presented on Sunday. The winners were chosen by our panel of judges:

  • Bilge Demirkoz - Physicist at CERN, who daily works with the analysis of data from the AMS-02 experiment on the International Space Station.
  • Claudia Marcelloni De Oliveira - ATLAS Communications Officer and Head TEDx CERN Outreach officer.
  • Abigail Cabunoc Mayes - Lead developer for Mozilla Science Lab.

The projects presented on Sunday were (In the order that they were presented in on Sunday):

  1. Everwear -"Reproducible and reusable science powered by jupteryhub and docker. Like nbviewer, but executable."  On Github:
  2. CommuniCode - A platform for developing code for a non-professional community, a GitHub like solution with a greater social aspect. On GitHub:
  3. Information please - A platform automating the collection of statistics on violence from articles.
  4. Who are you? - A web based platform that automatically creates tags for users (explaining their hobbies and interests) from user twitter feeds.
  5. Women @ CERN - Analysis of the presence of female staff at CERN over the years.
  6. Universe maker - A game where the player is steering a particle after the Big Bang. The particle's goal is to grow in size.
  7. Snaky particles - A snake game with particles, providing facts about particle physics. Github:
  8. Gigabit commuting challenge - Building on BOINC and Test4Theory to allow data analysis on virtual machines. This can be used to allow citizens with 1GB (optic fiber) connection to contribute to the data analysis at CERN by running the VM on their computers.
  9. Open cosmics - A distributed system of cosmic high energy particle detectors and a system for making the data and analysis accessible for the public.
  10. LHC Particle Party - A social LAN game about particles in the LHC.
  11. YA3C : Yet Another 3D Controller - A web based application that uses a phone's accelerometer data to steer objects on the screen.

Out of all of these versataile projects, special mention was given by the judges to YA3C and Women @ CERN. The prizes were distributed as follows:

Best Technology : Everware 

The team:

Alejandro Avilés, Andrey Ustyuzhanin, Axel Voitier, Tim Head, Uzziel Perez, Noel Dawe

Best Design : Who are you? 

The team:

Sebastian Lopienski, Robert Skibiński, Maria Iliadi, Marija Pinkute, Sabrina Amrouche, Mufutau Akuruyejo, Pawel Pamula, Azqa Nadeem, Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris, Maciek Muszkowski, Harris Tzovanakis, Paolina Doncheva

Best Innovative Outreach : Open Cosmics 

The team:

Anirudha Bose, Siddha Ganju, Gabriella Azzopardi, Harun Urhan, Shubham Gupta, Manos Katsomallos

Best Educational : Universe Maker 

The team:

Doga Veske, Armagan Dascurcu, Baran Bodur, Ahmet Coskuner, Yigit Demirag

Best Overall : Information Please 

The team:

Daniel Dobos, Kilian Lieret, Mihai Patrascoiu, Christina Quast, Nefeli Kousi, Mikhael Belous, Konstantinos Samaras-Tsarikis

Once again we would like to thank everyone for joining us on Sunday the 8th and congratulate the participants ofn their great achievements over just a short weekend. All of the ides were extremely exiting, and we hope that all of the projects will be continued after the Webfest.

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