Pitching training: How to pitch your idea

During the pitching training, participants will be introduced to presentation techniques and will work on their topic pitch for the Webfest kick off pitching session on Friday, 29th July. 

Speaker : Ines Knaepper
Time : Thursday 28th of July 16.30
Venue : 31-3-004 - IT Amphitheatre
Pre-event: Raspbuggy Challenge

Always wanted to build a bot but never had the chance to? Presenting Raspbuggy Challenge by the CERN Webfest and the CERN Micro Club !!! Come find us at IdeaSquare this Wednesday(July 27th) at 17:30, to build bots which race against each other to find their way through a maze! And the best part is, no pre-requisites in robotics or programming are required. Note: Please bring your laptops

Speaker : Sharada Mohanty
Time : Wednesday 27th of July 17:30
Venue : Ideasquare 3179
R Workshop

R is a FLOSS programming language used to perform statistical analysis. The software is cross-platform and can be used via its CLI or via a third-party GUI. While it isn’t the simplest software to learn, it is quite powerful and its capabilities can be enhanced through the thousands of packages available via the Comprehensive R Archive Network. In addition to scripts used to generate plots and display the results of complex calculations, R can also be used to make interactive HTML5 presentations that can be viewed in desktop and mobile form factors.

Speaker : Achintya Rao
Time : Friday 29th of July 15:00-16:00
Venue : Main Auditorium
Hands-on Git

One does not simply come to a Webfest and leaves without knowing Git and loving GitHub (if that's not the case already). Git is a version control system and it can keep track of changes in your code. GitHub keeps your code safe in the cloud and provides amazing collaboration tools. People use these tools in hackathons (and pretty much everywhere) because it makes their lives easier. They are also fun to use!


You should come if:

Speaker : Alejandro Aviles
Time : Saturday 30th of July 11.00
Venue : Main Building Room C

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