3D Game about the life of a sub atomic particle in the LHC tunnels

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The current idea is we have a 3D game about how a sub atomic particle goes through the tunnel from just after it is done with  acceleration to the point of collision. 
The story of what happens in the game is up for discussion, we invite lots of creative physicists to come forward and helps us design an interesting game play.

In terms of control, our initial idea is, we control the movement of the particle not by the traditional Keyboard + Mouse interface, but using the human posture as perceived by a Microsoft Kinect.

Image Source : http://wreel.info/images/photos/d072403e5ec23ff7bf9eaf888011b37c1bbe728f...

Skills Being Sought: 
  • Lots of creativity
  • Any experience with designing graphics
  • Some experience with Unity3D is a plus
    (Note  :: You do not have to be a programmer to join our team, we are mostly looking for physicists who can come up with an interesting story for the game, one which makes sense, and designers who can help us prepare some fine looking graphics if at all. and in terms of writing the game, I alone can ofcourse manage writing the game over the weekend (I did that last year !! and we won !!  :D :D ), but if we have some people who have ANY experience in Unity3D, it will help me personally a lot :D
Weekend Goals: 
  • A working prototype of the game
References and Background Material: 


Express your Interest to work on this Idea !!


Looks like a cool project! I would love to join your team and help make this idea come to life.

Concering Unity: I have very limited experience with Unity itself (just played around with it a little bit) but quite some experience with the Cocos2D Game Engine. Mainly, I am a iOS Developer since several years (therefore strong Objective C experience, and also Android for a while now) and a Physicist (Quantum Computing).

You are exactly the person I am looking for !! Would you want to meet up sometime today or tomorrow ? I can show you what I developed last year and also explain more clearly what I want to develop this year ??

I am very interested in participating in this project!

I could contribute as a programmer. I have also been playing a little bit with Unity myself and followed some tutorials and made a little test game I called Space Shooter (even though it is very very simple and there is nothing of space to speak of in the game :D). If you want to try it out here is a link https://www.dropbox.com/s/vm2iyyrhyb4b0uc/space%20shooter.exe

After finishing my PhD I am considering a career in game development, which is why participating in something like this would be perfect for me! 

I hope you have room on your team for one more person. I have to say that I have an experiment upcoming which might start on the 3rd of August and I will need to help prepare for it, but in every free moment I want to participate in making this game.

I am a nuclear physicist but I know a fair amount as well about particle physics and the LHC.

Hi Ivan,

Would you like to meet up today sometime in the evening after work to discuss about this ??

If you have any idea about Unity3D and know some particle physics, you will be a great addition to our team.


Hi Mohanty,

I would love to meet up today. Would 19 in R1 be alright for you? We can meet in the area just before the "glass room".


Our team has formed after a while of brainstorming we have agreed on a general story line for the game:

Our game, called "Brother Hunt" for now, will be about a little proton whose brother and best friend suddenly breaks out of their hydrogen bond and goes exploring the world. Our protagonist proton feels lonely and wants to know the fate of his brother. He finds this mysterious document called a "histogram" that his brother left behind and decides to follow in his footsteps and head out to a place they call "Underground Area 1" - a particle collider. 

To find out more about more about his brother he has to overcome a series of obstactles in order to fill the histograms that will shed some light onto the mysteries of physics. Trapped into the collider he has to dodge van der Meer scans and collect energy in the form of photons. Once he has collected the necessary energy, he can share it with other protons that have followed him into the collider and send them off to collide with anti-protons to produce heavier and more exciting particles. The information retrieved from those collisions fill histograms that are the clues that will bring him a step closer to the mystery of his brother's disappearance.


The protagonist proton runs around the beam pipe similar to Temple Run. He has to dodge objects and get power ups as outlined in the “obstacle and power ups” document. He also has to keep the colliders clean: vacuum leaks (= floating oxygen or nitrogen atom) need to be destroyed shooting cleaning fluid (funny :) )  from your left hand otherwise you die and there is no escape.


Over the course of the game you have to collect photons (like coins). Once you collect a certain number of photons (=energy) you can shoot with your right hand to send your minion protons out to collide with protons coming the other way. You have the outline of a histogram at the top left of your screen that fills every time a new collision happens. Once your histogram is completely filled, you have passed that “level” and an information box comes up that tells you, that you have completed the tutorial or discovered the Z boson or the Higgs. Then a map shows you that you are moving to the next level. You also find the outline of the next histogram that your brother has left and that you are trying to fill in the next level.


The different levels only have one difference: There is a coloured stripe on the side of the wall. For the PS it is green for the SPS it is blue and for the LHC it is red.


If we have enough time we can establish a collection system: Every time particles collide there is a 10% chance to collect a particle. Once you have collected all particles, you can turn into a SUSY partner of a proton.


The hero is a red iron man. The brother is a blue iron man. The fellow protons are red. Once the user has completed all three levels his iron man turns green. Once he has collected all elementary particles he is yellow.


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