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CERcle is an interactive and educational LED-based game that puts you in control of the LHC!

It consists of a properly-designed mosaic of arcs and circles of LEDs as to represent CERN's most renowned LHC, SPS and PS. The particle light show will be controlled using a gyroscope-based wireless handle. Anyone would have the possibility to gradually accelerate the particles from one accelerator to the other until the colisions which will translate to a light-spectacle.

The platform will be wirelessly connected to a screen that will display relevant information with every incremental stage of the acceleration (such as speed of particles and other physics information I know nothing about... help needed).

Team members:

Tony Najjar 


Phone: +96171934375

Email: tony.alnajjar@lau.edu or tony.najjar@cern.ch

Skills Being Sought: 

2-3 people needed:

1) Arduino Hobbyist who has already extensively worked with ESP8266 (preferably) or Arduino Wifi Shield and knows how RGB LEDS work

2) Front-end developpers : HTML/CSS/JS, able to quickly set up a Webapp that recieves data from the Wifi module and display information accordingly in a nice way

3) Physics student knowledgeable about CERN experiments and technical information (preferably who can code a bit)

Weekend Goals: 

Build a prototype having all the functionalities cited in the description

References and Background Material: 

Main hardware to be used: Arduino, Neopixels Rings/Strips, ESP8266 (WIFI) , ADXL345 in gy-80 (Gyroscope)

Here is a sample video of the NeoPixels but you can just google it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZatJAPwI_4

See "Skills Being Sought"
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