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CERN-Connect is a web application that connects people and events around CERN using geolocalization. Our platform displays events and participants on a map, allowing for an interactive event discovery and effortless coordination with other attendees.

The CERN-Connect platform lists the events of the current day, including Indico and unofficial Facebook CERN events. The position of each user is updated in real time and shown to the other participants heading to the same events, making communication and coordination easier. Each event displays basic information, aside from the location.

Data Visualization

Sinclert Perez (
Neha Gupta (
Filipe Magalhaes (
Varsha Rao (
Millissa Si Amer (

Skills Being Sought: 

- Build a back-end using Python-Flask.
- Build a front-end using Leaflet.js (OpenStreetMap data) + Semantic UI.
- Time management and communication skills.

Weekend Goals: 

- Basic prototype working by the end of 1st day.
- Integration with indico (import event from url).
- Have fun!
- Win the competition.

References and Background Material: 
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