Gigabit Computing Challenge

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KC + CERN: Gigabit Computing Challenge:

Volunteer computing is a powerful tool for CERN, where volunteers can donate their computer resources to crunch numbers for LHC experiments. Until now, only simulation jobs could be run this way because of their small input and output files. However, the advent of gigabit network connections to the home is beginning to open up new opportunities for computing LHC jobs. With fast connections and large datasets, volunteer computing can perform reconstructions and other jobs that require massive I/O.

CERN is exploring the possibility of collaborating with Kansas City, the first U.S. city to get Google Fiber (1000 megabits per second home internet connection). We would like to host a challenge for fiber users to contribute to fundamental research through volunteer computing.

Volunteer Computing

Bradley Dice, @Bradley_Dice

Jorge Vicente Cantero

Skills Being Sought: 

We are developing a website for new users to learn about the volunteer computing challenge and begin to contribute their computer's resources. We need:

  • Front-end web developers
  • Outreach and PR experts
  • Volunteer computing enthusiasts

Code with us, help us imagine the user experience, or just stop by!

Weekend Goals: 
  • Design a front-end that markets to Kansas Citians with Google Fiber
  • Enable non-Fiber users to contribute to existing volunteer computing projects
  • Create marketing information to help this project grow once it is launched
Web development experience.
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