Guess what particle?

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The aim of the project is to develop a multiplayer game. Each player chooses a particle and the other tries to guess which particle it is, by asking the other player about the characteristics of that particle. It will provide several levels of difficulty for participants as they learn more and more characteristics. It will also provide different help menus to assist players on the specific questions that can be made. In addition to that, as a future work, with the data recovered from games, we would like to include a machine learning approach to play automatically against players. The result of the weekend developments can be seen in:

Skills Being Sought: 

Web Development basics (HTML5, Javascript, CSS3).

Basic Backend Technology (Python, Django, Tomcat...).

Embedded Systems Knowledge (Arduino, Raspberry...).

Physics knowledge to provide insights of the characteristics of particles.

Linux management basic knowledge.

Weekend Goals: 

Development of a user friendly interface that encourages kids to enjoy while they learn physics.
Working game for two people at least.
Deployment on a server so that it can be freely used.

References and Background Material: 
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