KoolShady, Mechanical system using cheap reflective film to keep shelters and cars cooler and save people health

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We are designing a product to keep internal shelters or temperature below 32 C during the first 30 minutes of operation, and below 36 C for ten hours of operation at atmospheric temperatures up to 45 .
There is a need to devise and implement a mechanism that prevents the overheating of shelters that people are exposed to. We have reviewed the shortfalls of existing solutions and have designed a simple device that can be used to enhance people safety and vastly decrease the health risks of overheated shelters.
Main characteristics of KoolShady :
Easy to install: Can be securely mounted by one trained mechanic in less than 20 minutes Easy to operate: Takes only the pull of a string or the push of a button (manual version), or is completely automated.
Weatherproof: Resistant to intense heat (1500 W/m2), strong winds (50 km/h), and heavy rain (10 mm/h).
We would like to make the mechanical design and see how effective it is, finish the grant proposal and prototype the first KoolShady .
For more information about :
The project description check page 2. The Mechanical system check page 3.
Cern bulletin about the idea :
A video about the eco-friendly film could keep your house cool in the summer
Materials we would like to use : Cheap plastic film cools whatever it touches up to 10°C
Idea developed in Idea Square, by Sameed Mohammad, Mohammad Oday Daryich and
Khurram Shahzad
If you would to ask question, please don’t hesitate to contact me : darwichoday@gmail.com

Skills Being Sought: 

Mechanical Engineering, Designer, scientist researcher, Electrical Engineer

Weekend Goals: 

First draft for the design, a file draft for the mechanical design to print it in 3D, finish the grant paper

References and Background Material: 
Read the file in References and Background. like volunteering
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