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The magic of learning and having fun at the same time.

We would like to give you the opportunity to learn something about particle physics and the history of the discoveries with a game that is so much fun that you cannot stop playing.

We are going to develop an innovative android application which will enable you to search for particles in the real world, with a map of your surroundings. You will travel in time, collide the particles and use current colliders that were available in that time and discover new particles following the high energy physics laws.

At the end of the weekend the app will be completely ready for use. Its use will be intuitive for all kinds of users and we will pay special attention to encourage the public to learn about particle physics


Marek Matas

Pablo Panero

Jakub Kvapil

Matous Vozák

Irene Bachiller

Skills Being Sought: 

JavaScript, Particle physics and Graphic design

Weekend Goals: 

Main goals for the weekend:

* develop working prototype of the application, which is fully functional.

* create all the screens, graphics and scripts

* have an idea of the next version of the game

Experience in app development Knowledge about particle physics
Express your Interest to work on this Idea !!

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