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Pocket Collider is a platform for viewing important science experiments, like the CERN LHC, cloud chambers, linear accelerators, and more in augmented reality, right on your table. Pan around the experiment, drag particles to the experiment to collide and visualize the tracks of the collision.

Our iOS app uses Apple's new ARKit framework, and is coming to the App Store soon. Our 3D experiment graphics were hand-designed using Blender, and combined with accurate, open-source collision data from CERN.

The app is also educational, teaching the user about why CERN experiments are important, how they work, and informing the user about the different particles in the Standard Model as they discover them in the experiments.
Team members:
Scott Fitsimones
Danny Weitekamp
Sharad Agarwal
Ravin Kohli
Elena Orlova
Khalid AbuShammala
Jonas Steentoft

Standard Model

Scott Fitsimones (scott.f@cern.ch)

Skills Being Sought: 

Graphic Design, 3D design a plus
iOS, Swift
API design (node.js or python, or similar)

Weekend Goals: 

Finished prototype of iOS application with backend

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