Previous winners and innovative projects at WebFest

The WebFest was first held in the beggining of August in 2012. Since then there have been a number of great projects developed during the WebFest that have received a lot of attention for their innovative approaches.

To begin with the winners of the previous years WebFests are:


Overall winner was the project Particle Clicker. A list of all the winners can be found here.

Particle Clicker is a fun detector simulating game. 


Overall winner was the project Mother Hunt.

Mother Hunt is a 3D game of an endstate particle looking for it's decay history at CERN.


Overall winner was the project Particle Quest.

An adaption of BrowserQuest where the player is looking to learn more about physics.

Above are simply the overall winners. Prizes are awarded also for best innovative project, best technology project, best design project and best educational project. However there are a number of awarded and unawarded projects worth mentioning. Below you can find the list of some of the WebFest projects that have evolved into longer projects.

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