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We intend to develop a web application for increasing student engagement during lectures. Initially targeted at high school physics students, we/the teacher will upload the lecture relevant concepts which will allow the students to search for anything they don’t understand. The a priori uploaded definitions/concepts can be searched through by the students; which will be really concise as to allow the students to return quickly to the lecture after reviewing it.

This will be useful in the case of students who didn’t understand a particular concept; instead of interrupting the teacher, they can quickly search through the app and find the relevant content. Go through it in a few seconds, and quickly return to the lecture. This will also be useful for the teachers who can dedicate more time to teaching than answering minor queries and allow them to be more productive.

The app will be open source and could be used by teachers all over the world during their lectures. We also believe that this app will increase student interest in physics and particle physics, which will be of long-term benefit to CERN and to science in general.


Romina Yalovetzky    rominayal@gmail.com

Skills Being Sought: 

Web Developer

Weekend Goals: 

Prototype the application

Web development, Machine Learning (Optional - For NLP and text summarization)
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