Yet Another 3D Controller (YA3C)

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So I plan to build yet another 3D Controller !! 

The catch being, unlike huge organisations like Microsoft, Nintendo; I would not ask you to BUY some new hardware to play interactive or immersive 3D Games. I would enable your good old cellphone to do that for you, and heck, I would not even ask you to install an app :D 

Imagine a world, where you can play Counter Strike using your Cell phone as a gun; Imagine a world, where students interact with 3D models by using their cellphone as a 3D Controller !! 

Sounds like the future, a future only a weekend away, and a future which can be experience by anyone with an average smartphone WITHOUT having to buy extra hardware. 


S.P. Mohanty <>

Skills Being Sought: 

* Digital Signal Processing (Basic)
* 3D Modelling (Some experience with Blender, would really help us)
* Basic Web technologies 

Weekend Goals: 

*  Play OpenArena/Quake III/CounterStrike with your cell phone as a Gun 
*  Interact with 3D models using your cellphone as a controller (more particularly in a classroom-setting; say one teacher can control a 3D model on the tabs of all the students in the class)

* HTML5/CSS/Javascript * 3D Modelling * Basic Digital Signal Processing
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