Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of winners and projects that have continued evolving since the WebFest.

We are trying to grow slowly, so for now, the webfest is only open to anyone with a CERN badge. We hope in the future versions of the webfest we can send out an open invite to everyone.

To register your interest in attending log in with your CERN computer access account (log in button can be found in the upper right corner of the pages).
If you are in particular interested in an idea that is posted under the ideas section then click on the idea. You can express such interest by submitting a form with your skills under the idea description (more precisely you will find it on the page under the prerequisites).

You can register until the start of the event.

To register an idea or to register to be a mentor use the blue buttons "Submit your idea" and "Register as a mentor" on the welcome page. You can register your idea until the 30th of July.

It is completely free to attend the hackathon and take park in as many workshops as you like or team up with as many people as you want. There are no registration fees.

Its easy.
If you have an idea of your own that you want to implement, then post it using the "Submit your Idea" button on the Home Page. Or if you like an idea someone else has posted, you can start discussing about the idea in the comments thread of that idea, or as a separate forum topic.
We want you to discuss and have a complete clarity of your vision as a team, and then on July 31st evening, you can present it to the audience in the Kick-Off session of the CERN Webfest and get more interested people in your team. Finally from July 13st evening to August 2nd evening you can hack on your application and then present your prototype to the Judges and the general audience on August 2nd evening.

No we dont !! Not at all !! We want everyone to come up with atleast a prototype which helps the judges and the general audience understand the team's vision !! You get judged for how good your vision is and how far are you there from it, not on how good looking it is.


Yes !! We are looking for more of the CERN staff to actively participate and/or mentor during the webfest. It is OUR webfest, lets make it big.

Yes, you are allowed to use third party libraries, but you are not allowed to use any paid libraries or WebAPIs which are trial versions and will work only for a limited period of time. And we  encourage everyone to use open source solutions to implement their ideas, irrespective of the licensing they choose for the final product.

You own all the code you write for the Webfest. Though going by the Open Source Spirit we  enocourage everyone to Open Source whatever they build in the Webfest using Open licenses like MIT, Apache, GPLv2, GPLv3 or Creative Commons, etc.

Yes !! You will get 3 minutes to pitch your idea in the Kick Off session on July 31st, and 5+2 minutes for your final presentations on August 2nd.

You will see Maria, Freja and Mohanty at a number of the social activities at CERN during the summer. Feel free to come and ask any of us anything about the WebFest at any such occasion.

Please email your questions to or ask one of the member's of the Team in-person.


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